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About Mobile



As a medium, not just a mere combination of mobile telecommunications and the Internet, mobile refers to any mobile device equipped with interactivity, hypertextuality, connectivity, and multimedia features and functions, enabling users to interact with other users, content, product and services anytime anywhere. 


As a communication, it refers to communication of all kinds via mobile, including mobile journalism, mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile learning, moile teaching, mobile gaming, mobile health communication, mobile branding, etc. 


Be it a medium or a communication, mobile comes issues and challenges, such as mobile privacy, mobile piracy, mobile security, and mobile bullying.


Mobile Studies


After being examined in different disciplines for more than two decases, mobile studies has emerged as a new field of study. 


"Being interdisciplinary and applied, mobile studies examines forms, features, functions, processes, experiences, and effects of mobile as a medium or a communication used in different areas for different purposes. Major areas of mobile studies include, not limited to, the following: mobile experience, mobile content, mobile services, mobile users, mobile governance, mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile education, and mobile journalism" (Xu, 2012)


Mobile Uses


Mobile has become part of our daily lives and even an extension of our bodies. Mobile has been widely and frequently used for different purposes in life and work, raning from mobile health to mobile banking. 


This world has become increasingly mobile since it is becoming more and more dependent on mobile.


Use of mobile has brought us countless changes, reshaping not only who we are but also what we do in the mobile world. 


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