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By completing the sign-up form, I agree to the following terms and policies: 

1. I am a non-resident, non-salaried, but project-based member of Mobile518 after I complete the registration form.


2. I allow Mobile518 to list my verified expertise information together with my recent photo.

3. After successfully completing a non-commissioned academic project assigned by Mobile518, I get a byline while Mobile518 owns its copyright.    

4. After successfully finishing a commissioned business project assigned by Mobile518, I get 60 % while Mobile518 gets 40 % of the net profits generated from a project unless otherwise stated. 

5. My annual payouts are currently made at the end of each calendar year through PayPal only. 

6. No data shall be shared with any third party.

7. I shall deliver the results of a project before its deadline.

Terms & Policies

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